450HP 1968 Turbo Chevelle 400 Combo and 400 Small-Block Engine!

Darin L. Shrewsberry quite recently bought a restored 1968 Turbo Chevelle 400 combo and 400 small-block engine. The engine of this Chevelle is cammed, with headers and lots of internal goodies. It boosts around 450 horses. The engine has a severe vibration problems.

Enjoy the video below!

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It starts when it gets to around 50mph, but doesn’t seem to vibrate till the gas pedal is left off. The steering wheel has no motion whatsoever which meant that Darvin should make a check on the drivetrain. All of the U-joints were in order and the driveshaft didn`t miss any weights. Accordingly, he realized that the problem was probably somewhere in the transmission area.

The rear output shaft on the tranny leaked, so as a result he thought that it was the bearing in the tailshaft. The only thing left that could have caused the problem was the flywheel. Any thoughts on this mean vibration you`d like to share?

Finally, are you looking forward to the new season of Comedians in cars getting coffee?