431HP Honda Supercharged MINI Is Up For Sale!

Cars are something we love; they make our day special and cheer up whenever we are sad. Having your own dream is a feeling of fulfillment and pure joy. But dream cars are not all lookalike. They are all different and everyone images them in a different way. Hereby if you are in love with small classic cars, you are going to love this truly awesome Supercharged Mini that is up for sale on eBay (go HERE for the listing). But even though the asking price is 32,500 pounds, it is worth every penny hence this is not your normal Mini you see it every day.

431HP Honda Supercharged Mini Is Up For Sale 2

This little monster has a Honda 2.2L K20 A2 engine and is one of the fastest Minis you are ever going to see. This Mini Cooper was made in 1994 and it runs on petrol but every single part you see on it has been custom made or modified in a way. Down in the description below the photos every detail is listed and every part has been explained.

Spending so much time and money on building this awesome machine is something awesome and even though you might think that this is one super Supercharged Mini, we assure you that it really does worth its money hence you are going to own the very best a modified Mini can offer.

So if you are a serious buyer, contact the owner for more pictures and who knows, maybe you should be the one who could make an offer he cannot refuse!