410hp GMC Syclone Syborg Truck!

While in Reno, we decided to take a look at Adam`s truck. Unfortunately, the truck experienced a small breakdown that could not be repaired during our visit, so we had to be satisfied only with seeing it and not riding it. Nevertheless, just as Adam said, this GMC Syclone Syborg truck was great!

It must be extremely amazing for Adam to drive this truck because there are no indifferent passengers; everybody just has to look at it. That is proof enough for how particular this truck is. The way Adam drives it and the why he wants to modify it is so original that all other advice or suggestions, if possible to give any, would be in vain. This car became one that is not suitable for street ride and it got the name “Syborg”. The Syborg features a V6. 283 cubic engine that includes a Big Stuff 3 engine management. This engine set is able to produce 440 lb-ft of torque and 410 hp. Adam has taken a good care of the safety system. The vehicle features a safety cage and a fire extinguishing system.

In the interior you will find a Momo race wheel and Racetech seats. Everything that this truck has is there for a reason. Each element has participated in several races with this vehicle. At the 2010 Mohave Mile event he drove with 165 mph.

The thing we really liked is the fact that Adam has kept the license plates of the car and even though its main purpose is to be racing vehicle, Adam goes for a city rides with this machine. As soon as GMC Syclone Syborg became available on the market it became a legend. The same happened with Adam`s truck that possesses all the Syclone qualities and more.

GMC Syclone Syborg