This Guy Made A 4-Speed LEGO Transmission That Just Works Perfectly! Fascinating Work!

In the old days when you bought Lego`s, you didn`t mean for them to become items that you would play with as an adult. However, they seem to have had their purpose reinvented recently as their parts became more complex and more versatile. For example, this guy made a working, gear changing LEGO transmission out of the Lego`s Technic set and he demonstrates how it works. In short, it`s an incredibly complex thing to create out of nothing and it probably took him hours to build with lots of thinking and pondering of the problem at hand.

He has aligned the gears in the same way that working gears in an actual working transmission of a car will function. He even demonstrates how easy it is to switch from one gear to the next. However, to build this you probably need to get yourself a few more sets and then use the parts from those to create one, conjoined mechanism that will let you do anything you want. Combined with a small motor, that`s exactly what this guy did when he built this intricate Lego transmission. I bet he didn`t follow instructions though – it`s obvious he already had prior knowledge of how transmissions worked.

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