4 Essential Things to Know About Your Car’s Power Windows

Your car’s power windows are a great gadget and it`s fantastic to be able to push a button and let the fresh air in as you drive. No matter how good air conditioning is, sometimes you just need to feel the breeze coming in your window, it makes you feel alive. However, there are a few things you should know about your power windows:

4 Essential Things to Know About Your Cars Power Windows 2
  1. Safety

Pushing a button is so much easier than the older version, winding the window down. However, the power window has actually been in existence since 1940, and, although originally envisioned as a convenience, it has actually become a safety feature.

Winding down windows can be hard work, especially when controlling your vehicle, it`s a distraction that can lead to accidents.

Push buttons are effortless and avoid this issue.

Of course, the fact that you can open any of the windows from the driver`s seat can also be seen as a benefit if you need to get out after an accident and the electrics are usable but the doors won`t open.

2. Know The Inners

Inside your car door will be a rail that supports the glass. This is then attached to two bars which are bolted to the inside of the door.

The rail brackets slide up and down the bars with the aid of a motor, which is usually affixed near the bottom of the door. A cord, or nylon rope, runs through the installation and connects to the motor, this guides the window brackets up and down, ensuring the window goes where you tell it to.

In effect, the process is quite simple.

3. Common Faults

The problem with electric windows is that when there are a limited number of things that can go wrong with them. Either the regulator fails, the motor, or the switch. Unfortunately, when one of these does fail it is not usually economical to replace the individual unit.

Instead, you`re usually better replacing the entire inner workings, although this is not as difficult or daunting as it sounds.

In fact, check out this electric window repair site and you`ll find all the parts you need to replace the window yourself or to have it repaired for you.

However, before you assume the regulator or something else is broken, always check the fuse panel on your car, the electric window fuse could have blown!

4. Forcing The Windows

It is worth noting that forcing the windows is one of the easiest ways to break them. This can be done by you or children when they are leaning on the windows as they go up and down. Or, you can strain the motor when the window is covered in ice and you try to make it go down.

Al you`re doing is burning out the motor and shortening its life.

With a little care, your electric window will probably never give you an issue. However, it is a moving part and can wear out, knowing what is involved in the mechanism will make it easier to deal with the issue.