The LM3D Swim Is a 3D Printed Car At SEMA 2015!

The vehicle you have the chance to see in these images will most likely be the premier 3D printed automobile which will be available for the broader public! The manufacturer of theĀ LM3D Swim states that pre-sales will start in spring 2016. In addition, those who will decide to purchase a vehicle like this, will receive the car in the beginning of 2017.

3D Printed LM3D By Local Motors 1

3D Printed LM3D By Local Motors 2

Furthermore, the price tag is supposed to be around $53,000. Sadly, Local Motors haven`t come up with details regardingĀ the underhood, but they claim that this automobile is going to be secure, brainy as well as environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, this is not the first 3D printed vehicle made by this manufacturer. Last year, they presented the Strati.

Finally, this is a list of the best 3D printed cars in the world!

3D Printed LM3D By Local Motors 7