Animation Tribute To John Carpenter’s 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine! Don’t Miss The 1958 PLYMOUTH FURY With Ulterior Motives!

Automobiles have really important roles in movies. In fact, there are movies filmed in honor of a (or some) particular car(s). We have already shown you several videos related to the iconic car “Eleanor” from the cult movie “Gone In Sixty Seconds”, but this time we are going a little bit further back in time. Today`s video is an animation tribute to the movie of John Carpenter from 1983 – “Christine”! Our senior audience remembers this movie for sure as well as the 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine!

This film is based on Stephen King`s novel “Christine” and thanks to the technology we have today, a man called Ivo Carruzzo created a 3D animation honoring the movie as well as the car! The leading character in the movie is a 1958 red and white Plymouth Fury with assassin`s intentions. A boy with nerdish characteristics buys an unusual car that has an evil mind. While driving the car his characteristics begin to change in order to reflect the cars nature. The 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine in the movie is also characterized by its ability to repair itself after suffering damage. This V8 engine powered vehicle is truly a fury on four wheels!

Additionally, the video below shows exactly the strange ability of this car to repair itself as well as covering all trails left behind. You may want to volume your speakers up, because there is a lot to be heard in this video. Sadly, the sound in this animation tribute is not authentic to the car, but it is equally shivering. It is produced by a 1965 For Mustang “Caroline”. Imagine if the movie industry had this 3D technology back in 1983? 24 original Plymouth`s wouldn`t`ve been destroyed! But nevertheless, the car and film enthusiasts received one hell of a product! And this here video is a perfect animation tribute to the 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine?!

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