304mph MOTOR EXPLOSION On Qualifying Pass at NHRA!

Check this incredible video with the NHRA funny driver Ron Capps on another routine qualifying pass Auto Club Raceway in Pomona. He experienced his worst nightmare: motor explosion and fire.

Accidents do happen. Therefore, we must always be alert and prepared for such occurrences. Hence, all that safety equipment, rolling cages, driving suit, helmet etc. In this case, all of these things played a key role in preventing a major catastrophe. Fortunately for the driver, he managed to stay safe and sound. So what happened? Everything starts as usual. Two cars at the starting line, the red light is off, the cars take off and BOOM! The engine explodes, and the rear part of the Dodge Charger Funny Car flies back and goes into the next lane. You can observe the whole situation in three different camera modes and see the massive motor explosion!

Enjoy the video below!

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