2018 Hyundai Hydrogen-Powered CUV Is Being Announced! Check Out Its Specifications!

2018 Hyundai 1
Hyundai has huge plans for hydrogen-powered cars! Since the Intrado concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai has been constantly dropping hints about what their all-new H2 vehicle offers! The 2018 Hyundai hydrogen-powered vehicle will be fitted in an entirely new CUV model!

Under the bonnet, the upcoming 2018 Hyundai hydrogen-powered CUV will be fitted with a fuel cell that doesn`t require as much platinum as the Intrado! It will have a smaller motor and a bigger battery as well! Hyundai`s eco-vehicle development director, Ahn Byung-ki reportedly said that the new hydrogen CUV may arrive as soon as 2018! Just in time for the Winter Olympics that will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea! What do you think?

2018 Hyundai 2