2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat VS C7 Z06 Chevy Corvette!

The year hasn`t even started yet and we already have a great race on our watch list! The streets of Texas had the opportunity to witness one of the best engines in the world as they combat! What we are dealing with right here is pure horsepower and torque versus a lightweight platform! Turns out the saying “Never judge someone by its looks” has never been truer! We just experienced `The Tortoise and the Hare` story right in front of our own eyes! This chubby and brick like Hellcat bravely stood up to the Z06 and won – not once, not twice but 4 times in four rematches! We are slightly disappointed by the performance of the C7 Z06 Chevy Corvette as it easily let the Dodge Challenger take over!

While some argue that a granny was driving the Corvette, others claim that there is not much you can do against pure horsepower! However, if you want to be behind the wheel of a C7 Z06 Chevy Corvette, you definitely want better driving skills. In fact, you can always use a family car to ride Miss Daisy. We know you can`t wait to watch the video so we won`t delay any more!

At last, if you are in the mood for some street racing, go to this link!