2014 Topp Drift Highlights at Shannonville Motorsport Park!

Check out this 2014 Topp Drift 2014 Highlights at Shannonville Motorsport Park! Here`s another exciting drifting video! You gotta love `em! It presents a lot of cars ready for drifting! That`s at the beginning. After that, each and every car goes at the track and shows what it has got! This action-packed video shows us great cars with great drivers behind the wheel. Also it is recorded with different cameras which makes us able to feel the adrenaline! Nevertheless, in order to keep us awake the creators of the video didn`t cut the car that hit the protective fence. It wasn`t a hard hit but it caused some damage. Fortunately nobody was hurt, except the car. See it for yourself and tell us what do you think!

Enjoy the video below!

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