2013 Ford Mustang GT High Gear Concept! Must See!

Few years ago Mustang V6 was the real auto star filing the pages of all auto magazines. Recently, interesting models emerged on the auto stage such as the Boss 302 and the GT 500. But, the model we would like to pay attention is the 2013 Mustang GT. The 2013 Ford Mustang GT features a 5.0 liter V8 engine that can produce 420 hp. Understandably, everybody would like to have a vehicle with nice sunroof, Brembo brakes and more advanced 3:73:1 rear end, but for 30,000 dollars (that is how much 2013 Ford Mustang costs) you get almost everything: appearance, aptitude and sharpness.

2013 ford mustang gt high gear 2

This Ford Mustang GT High Gear was inspired by high-fashion, jewellery and architecture. From outside, the High Gear Mustang got a subtle satin black paint job joined by chrome wheels with rose-gold satin color, grille trim and mirrors. In the interior the High Gear Mustang features wrapped in quilted suede leather seats and rose-gold satin chrome trim.
To build this 2013 Ford Mustang GT monster it took eight weeks, including the modifications to the 420hp 5.0L V8 automakers!

You want to find out more about this amazing Ford Mustang? Click on this link!

2013 ford mustang gt high gear 3

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