2012 DODGE RAM 3500 Performance! MEGA RAM RUNNER Gets Out Of A Devil’s Hole With Great Ease!

Monster trucks are well known for their off-road performance. Today we take a look at the MEGA RAM RUNNER, a former 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 turned monster truck. This monstrosity weighs an incredible 14.200 lbs.! But does this even matter?! Of course not!

Packing some 600 horsepower and 13000 Torque, this beauty can overcome any obstacle that it can find. And it does it with relative ease! As demonstrated in the video, not even a hole bigger than the monster truck itself seems to be posing a problem. But that is what makes it so amazing!

2012 DODGE RAM 3500 Performance! MEGA RAM RUNNER Gets Out Of A Hole With Great Ease!

The Mega Ram Runner was built for the SEMA 2014, by the capable hands of Dave Sparks. It was initially a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500, but it was stretched it into a 6 door, even using Dodge Durango parts for the middle door! The suspension was customized, and Dave and his team even put MRAP (which stands for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) axles!

These axles are not sold to the public very often, and are specifically built for military vehicles! On top of that, this monstrosity boasts 43 inch Goodyear tires! All in all, this is truly one magnificent machine! Check out the video!

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