2010 Black TOYOTA TACOMA Vs ICE! The Struggle Is Real! Will The Tacoma Cope With These Conditions?

The winter is about to knock on the door and we need to be prepared for it! On the other hand, winter gives the opportunity for unforgettable off-road adventures! Of course, as long as you own the right vehicle. It is simply irrational to go off-road at any time of the year without having a proper vehicle. Apparently, the man in this video has a vehicle that can lead him anywhere. He is driving a 2010 black Toyota Tacoma! Pretty good looking truck, we admit. However, this video doesn`t only show us the beauty of the truck as it also shows just how powerful this Toyota Tacoma is! It is perfect for this machine vs. nature showdown, and it proved to be very good in dealing with ice. Anyhow, this truck is recorded in the attempt of crossing a bigger frozen puddle. It has no problem at all until the end of this puddle. But when it was about to cross, the problems emerged.

Luckily, the driver of this Toyota Tacoma knew how to cope with the given situation and continued his journey. Viewed from a different perspective, this vehicle is powerful! In addition to this, you might be interested in some this vehicle`s parts. Well, to begin with, this vehicle has been lifted for about 2.5″ and of course has skid plates protecting it in this endeavor. Next, it rides on Pro Comp 7089 rims, and the power is sent to the wheels via 6-speed manual transmission. To put it simply, this 2010 black Toyota Tacoma is a good choice for off-roading in the middle of winter! The only thing we will say to the creator of this video is to NOT bring his dog next time, because it seems a bit scared!

To read more about the latest, 2016 Toyota Tacoma model, follow this link and visit the official page of Toyota!