2 People Dead After Dodge HELLCAT Jumps On Ravine At The Top Speed Test!

Our prayers and thoughts t the families and friends of these two people that died in a HELLCAT Speed Test crash at Colorado Airport! This Dodge Hellcat  jumps on ravine during this high speed run…

2 People Dead After Dodge HELLCAT Jumps On Ravine 2

Testing a fast car with a little touch under the hood at the airport strip can really be an amazing and liberating experience. A lot of people who owns a fast car had never test it on a closed track and they have never ever experienced the real power of their favorite ride. Closed racing tracks and airstrips are the best way to satisfy the need for speed.

However this story about these car enthusiasts  Roger Lichtenberger, 76 and Lynd Fitzgerald, 71 is really heart breaking. All they wanted was a little bit of fast driving on the airstrip. Unfortunately, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat they drive jumped on ravine off the side of a mountain, where it was rolled over several times and the driver and the passenger were latter pronounced dead. This horrible crash did happen while these two older guys had permission to be on the airstrip.

This video is NOT of the this Dodge Hellcat crash, it is just another similar event and a different car.