The 429 Ford Mustang Boss 1969 sells For $275,000!

At the Barett- Jackson show we saw a car that was very stunning, particularly in black-Raven Black to be more precise. We are talking about the 429 Ford Mustang Boss 1969. At the auction we witnessed the highest bidding for this vehicle, i.e. 275,000 dollars.



Vehicle Description: The vehicle features original elements just as they were when they came out of the factory such as the fenders, the front valance and much more. The vehicle features a 820T engine that consists of HEMI heads, aluminum pistols, aluminum valve covers and other high-quality elements. As for the interior of the BOSS it is really luxurious and classy.

Finally, check out the Mustang from John Wick, here!


12-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj 12-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj 11-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj 06-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj 04-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj 03-1969-ford-mustang-boss429-black-bj

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