Ford Mustang Boss 1969 302 “Mr. Nasty” – BEASTLY Looking!

When building up his car, owner Scott Tedro was decisive about what he wanted. And what he wanted was the BEASTLY, vintage-looking, streetable Ford Mustang Boss 1969 302. Maisano Kenny did what he was asked to do.

Firstly, this very beast is a true Ford Mustang Boss 1969 302 and considering that there was no drivetrain, it was a piece of a cake job for Maisano to make this baby meaner and up to today`s trends. He redid evry piece of the car, and upgraded the suspension, modernized the brakes as well as the drivetrain. However, all the characteristics of the Boss 302 were kept. The car has its stock look, except for the wheels of 17 inches size and the lowered stance.

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Enjoy the video below!


The Ford Mustang Boss 1969 car was added more cam, displacement and more compression which equals interesting times. This baby boosts out 661 horsepower. This kind of power is supported by a 9 inche stout at the rear end and a TKO600 trans by Tremec. At rpm of 8,000 was where we measured the highest amount of power. We were driving behind Kenny to see how the Boss handled the traffic. We were amazed of how well it behaved.

When it comes to the engine, what was done there was first of all, installing a Ford engine SVO block. What Maisano did, was building a mean, 360 cubic inches motor with rings from Total Seal, rods and crankshaft from Eagle, pistons from CP and so on. Cam Motion were in charge of finding and delivering the right roller, custom ground cam. It was a solid one, too. At tappet lift of 0.050 inches the duration is measured to be 252/260 degrees, and an amazing lift of 0.750/0.710 inches on 112 degrees. Isky did the lifters, Smith Brothers were in charge of the pushrods and Ford Racing set the timeline.

The stability of the velvetrain is thanks to the rocker shaft mount arms from T&D .The retainers made of titanium from Manley as well as the valvesprings from Isky decelerate the probability of the floating of the valve at max 8000 rpm. There is also a Holley 850 cfm, a single plane intake manifold from Gapp n` Roush. At rpm 8000 this amazing blend makes an incredible boost of 662 horses at rpm of 8,000 rpm. The assembling and all the machinery work was done by Kenny Maisano.

In order to modernize its look, Kenny fitted a full rear and front suspension from Total control products as well as an enhanced lower and upper system of A arm. Trailing arms with G link from TCP were added in place of the leaf springs at the rear end. On all 4 sides of the car coilovers from Vari Shock were placed.

Kenny was also in charge of this car`s painting job. He painted it in Acapulco blue and finish it with the shade of blue pearl. A restoration of the rotisserie was also performed.

Enjoy the video below!

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