1968 Dodge RestoMod Charger! PURE ELEGANCE!

Here is one example that you simply cannot not to love it. It is one of those muscle cars that are roaring with brutal horse and toque power, and at the same time, it is subtle in not so refined way, on which we are mostly used when we are talking about something like that. It is one awesome looking 1968 Dodge Restomod Charger, with the 440 cubic inch under the hood, from the Mopar`s best, in order to perfectly back up the irresistibly attractive image.

The color on this beauty is called Pewter, and it is coming from the GM`s color pallet (it had its debut on Corvette C5), and as you will see it in the video below, it works perfectly for this type of a performance car. Those sharp edges are simply glowing, and the combo of soft color with black accents, gives this `68 Charger even more intimidating look. The black vinyl top is also contributing to the sharp appearance, and in order to have a better balance, the tail panel is also in black.

And what would one great Dodge Charger be without big block power, and as you know it well, that 440 under the hood is definitely no joke. It was rebuilt recently, and it is equipped with all sorts of goodies like the Holley four-barrel carburetor atop, a set of Mopar Performance finned valve covers and a huge aluminum radiator up front, so that everything would be kept under control. That big block is mated to a 737 TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission, also recently restored, then there is a new dual exhaust system, responsible for those great roaring sounds, and four-wheel disc brakes, which are enhancing the car`s performance.

So without further adieu, check out this perfection – 1968 Dodge Restomod Charger at its best!