Furious 1968 Dodge Charger Cold Start!

Among very awesome cars that have marked the US over the past hundred years, there is one model that stands out from the rest and that is the mighty Dodge Charger. This beast has been servicing the people with dignity and pride. But if you thought that these old classic cars such as the 1968 Dodge Charger would have any problems in the cold, you were most certainly wrong. Take a look at this video in which the owner runs a cold start with the Charger and there is nothing quite like the sound this monster makes, sound that is guaranteed to make your heart beat like crazy.

Furious 1968 Dodge Charger Cold Start 2

It purrs and runs without any problems, even though this is a cold start. These cars were built with great precision. If you ever wanted to have a car that is reliable but extremely fast at the same time, the Dodge Charger is surely one of those cars. Moreover, this monster had been restored to ultimate perfection and we get the chance to see the massive and super powerful engine sticking out from the hood.

There is nothing quite like the sound of a good old 1968 Dodge Charger cold start. The car then leaves the garage and it is off to some fun time driving. Take a look throughout the entire video and you be the judge whether you have heard any other car to roar so good as this Dodge Charger.

What do you think, is this car the best that the US has to offer?