Drool Over 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback: “Martini T5R”!

What if Ford had decided to join forces with a European race team to continue with series rally competition? This 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Martini T5R has engine with 291ci Ford Indy quad-cam tuned to 425 hp by Ed Pink joined with C&R Racing CR1 4-speed transmission. The brakes are with four-piston Wilwood calipers on 13″ rotors.

Classic Mustangs really showed up on the European rally racings, where they got away with quite trophies. During the first year of competition, the Mustangs ranked first and second at the Tour de France international rally in 1964. Nevertheless, what if Ford wanted to join the European team in order to continue the rally? Steve Strope, the guy from Pure Vision Design knew that Ford should be the most epic partner to seek for. Strope`s dream car Shellby GT350R, was the base on which he morphed GT350R cues like the aluminum window frames, dressed up the European style. It is marked as a T5, like all exported Mustangs. We were shocked to find out that it`s a Ford Indy quad-cam engine under the hood, the exact like those that powered Ford`s racers during 1964-1977, down the Speedway of Indianapolis.