Watch This 1600 Horsepower Mazda RX 7 at Drag Week 2015!

We`ve shown you numerous drag races with impressive vehicles and we can assure you that we will continue! There is no stopping now! Today`s video is going to take you on a behind the scenes journey, where you can see what`s happening off those several seconds on the track. However, you are going to witness and some action on the track as well. The main protagonist in this storyis a 1990 Mazda RX 7. This vehicle is powered by a 460 inches, 7.91 big block Chevy engine and boosted with a 75mm twin turbo system.

Furthermore, the following footage takes us through this year`s edition of Drag Week. It begins with the events at Gateway Motorsport Park, where the aforementioned vehicle shows off for the first time. Next, the whole team heads to Lucas Oil Raceway and then to the Great Lakes Dragaway. After this race day, things start to go a little bit upside down. First, they had to stop in order to cool the engine down, then one of the trailer straps went down which later led to a tire hunt! They lost one tire, but they were able to find it really soon and continue their ride. Just a couple of miles further, there was another engine problem, all that in the same night! But the problems didn`t stop there!

At last, follow this link to witness Mad Mike`s epic drifting performance with his Mazda RX 7!