15-Year-Old Boy Drives Back Home in a Porsche! Parents Ask Him How He Get It…

Check out this hilarious joke that came out on Reddit from the user ‘Bladebaker‘. We are pretty sure it will put a huge smile on your face. As we all know it it very alarming for every parent to find out that his 15-year-old son drive home with an expensive supercar like Porsche. Imagine you see him unexpectedly arrives in front of the house and you don’t know how he got the car. So, what would you do if you see your kid comes back home in a car that costs more than most of the people might earn in several years.

15-Year-Old Boy Drives Back Home in a Porsche 2

This kind of amazing classic humor and even a fictional stories are very hard to come by, so we will suggest you to relax and check the video below. However, I have a friend who bought a supercar pretty cheap from a lady who wanted to get revenge to her cheating husband. We are pretty sure you could not stop laughing at the final result of this funny story.

As we all know the insurance premium for this kind of cars are very expensive, especially if they are designated for teenagers. Insurance companies are considering teenagers like more risky driver according to their statistics. Another problem would be very expensive maintenance. For example you will need to pay around $3000-$4000 for a set of 4 tires which could be slayed much faster than a regular car.┬áMaybe the best decision for the parents would be to sell the car and to pay for the kid’s college that way.

Check out the video below and enjoy this hilarious joke about this 15-year-old boy.