13 Tips For Finding Windshield Repairs In Oregon

The search for a dependable windshield repair company is a big deal, especially when dealing with a sensitive part of your car, such as the windshield. But finding a reliable contractor isn`t that straightforward, as many of these professionals are often dishonest. As a result, this makes it even harder for you to trust any other contractor who you`re looking to hire to repair or replace your windshield. 

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Fortunately, you can use a few useful tips when deciding which is the best windshield replacement company. Here`s an outline of these tips you should follow to ensure the windshield installation or repair is of exceptional quality to prevent any hazardous consequences. 

1.Uses Quality Materials 

It`s essential to hire an auto glass repair company that prioritizes the use of adhesive materials and glass that are of exceptional quality. This is especially more important when you`re not on a budget, and your goal is not to overlook the windshield quality at any cost. You should do this as the use of cheap materials are rarely long-lasting. 

One example of an inferior quality material that`s used during windshield repair is urethane. Ensure that the windshield repair contractor doesn`t use this material as its chemical composition isn`t of the best possible quality. Therefore, its use will eventually result in water leakage and wind noise which ruins your driving experience.

Moreover, urethane doesn`t contain the strength needed to ensure your windshield remains intact, making it highly likely to break during an accident. This puts your safety and the safety of everyone inside your car at risk. 

2.Proper Scheduling 

You most certainly have a lot of things to attend to during the day. Therefore, the last thing you want is to spend lots of time at an auto repair shop waiting for your windshield to be repaired. But this shouldn`t be something to concern you should you hire a windshield repair company that observes proper customer scheduling. 

This is why you might choose to head to https://discountautoglasspdx.com/ to take a look at their services. With a reliable windshield repair shop, you`re sure to be attended to regardless of your busy schedule. This means you get an appointment that suits your schedule. Thanks to this, you still get to attend to other important matters and have the windshield repaired or replaced when it best suits you.

Other advantages of having a windshield company that can accommodate your schedule include:

  • Guarantee your car is quickly restored to its exceptional condition  
  • Not compromising your safety and that of your passengers  
  • Fast service delivery, with repairs typically taking less than an hour 

3.Several Persons Are Involved In The Windshield Repair Or Replacement

Windshield installation or repair is an intricate process that is hard for one individual to do alone. Therefore, you should take it as a red flag if there`s only one person in the windshield repair company who`ll be involved during the repair or replacement. This is because the process of installing or repairing the windshield is very detailed, meaning there are high chances of making an error. This is further worsened as it`s very hard to rectify the issue once the mistake has already been committed. 

It`s best to instead opt for an auto repair shop with at least two employees. This is because the windshield repair or installation needs at least two technicians to do the job properly. If this is observed, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the job is being done well.

4.Excellent Customer Service 

As a client, your hope is always to be assured of exceptional quality services, and there`s no better way of this being achieved than through outstanding customer service. Therefore, when looking for the right windshield repair company in Oregon, go for one with a team of customer representatives always available to answer any query you have. This is essential as it helps dispel any concerns and guarantee that the installation or repairs will be done correctly. 


As your vehicle`s windscreen is being repaired or replaced, there`s always the risk that it might get destroyed. It`s therefore prudent that you go for an auto glass repair company that has its own insurance cover to compensate you in case of any possible damage.

This goes to dispel any question you might have had in mind on whether there`s a need for choosing a windscreen repair company that`s insured. You should confirm this even if you also have your own insurance cover. 

Auto glass repair shops with insurance save you the hassle and complication associated with filing paperwork when claiming compensation. 


Windscreen repair and replacement are extremely specialized processes as they need a lot of skills that should be acquired after extensive training. Because of this, it`s crucial you choose an auto glass repair company that`s knowledgeable and with a recognized track record.

You should also confirm that the technicians working on the windscreen are well trained, licensed, and with lots of experience. This gives you the added guarantee that the work gets done both efficiently and correctly. 

7.How Quick The Repair Or Replacement Is Done 

The windscreen is a vital part of your car, so the last thing you want is not to have it well-functioning for an extended duration. This is keeping in mind that it takes a certain amount of time for the installation or repair to be completed. But a reliable auto glass repair company ensures that the window repair and replacement should ideally be finished within an hour. 

8.Inspect The Process Used 

While you would ideally want the windscreen installation or repair done promptly, it`s vital to ensure the process follows and observes all the safety protocols. You shouldn`t compromise the need for this to be observed or put yourself and your loved ones at risk.

With some auto repair glass companies not observing the safety measures during the installation or repair of windshields, you need to pay close attention to the entire process. If it isn`t properly installed, the windshield might be pushed out by the airbags, putting you and your family at risk during an accident.

9.They Provide Lifetime Guarantee 

You want to choose an auto glass shop that trusts the quality of its work. And there`s no better way to gauge this than through assessing whether the company does offer you a lifetime guarantee for their services. This is the best proof that the company has used superior industry-standard methods and the best materials possible. With this done, you get to enjoyed peace of mind knowing that your windscreen is done correctly. 

With a warranty, you`re assured the windscreen installation and repair company will rectify the issue at no extra cost. If a potential company doesn`t offer you a warranty, you eventually end spending a greater sum of money in the long-run due to a mistake not made by you. To avoid such scenarios, you should always go for an auto glass shop that offers you a lifetime guarantee on the materials used and their workmanship. 

10.Only Uses Dealer Or OEM Parts 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or dealer parts refer to the windscreen parts that have been made by the manufacturer of the original parts. These parts are usually built while observing exceptional quality standards which can`t be matched by the generic glass made by most of the auto glass companies. These generic glasses can also affect how well you can see while driving.

11.Observe The “Repair-First” Policy 

Often, windscreen replacements usually cost more than what you would have spent doing the repairs. Due to this, most small auto glass shops usually advise replacing the windscreen rather than the cheaper repair to make more money. However, a trustworthy auto glass company doesn`t do this and instead they follow the “Repair-First” policy.

These companies only recommend windscreen replacement after careful analysis and confirming auto glass repair might affect the windscreen`s structural integrity. Working with such a reliable company also gives you the added confidence that work is of remarkable quality. 

12.Read Reviews 

Another way to gauge whether the auto glass shop is any good is by reading through its reviews on the company site other forums, and social media platforms. With other past customers’ comments in mind, you can better know whether you`ll get a quality service at the windscreen repair and replacement shop. While this is a simple strategy of figuring out a reliable auto glass company, it`s effective in knowing if your desired pick is reliable. 

13.Will The Cowl Panels Be Removed? 

A cowl panel is the plastic cover usually located below the glass bottom and must always be taken out during windscreen repair to guarantee the repair has been done properly. If this isn`t done, the urethane may either get pushed aside during the auto glass installation or the glass failing to make contact altogether. Some auto glass companies don`t remove the cowl panel, so this is something you should examine whether it`s the case.   


The windshield is essential in maintaining your car`s structural integrity and safeguarding you from the elements. Therefore, you shouldn`t take matters linked to its repair or replacement lightly, and this starts by choosing a qualified auto glass repair company. If you are struggling to find a trustworthy windshield repair or replacement company, highlighted above are tips that can help ensure you find the right one.