Supercharged Nitrous Dodge Viper vs Ford GT 1200hp Mullet TT!

Check out this drag race between the Supercharged Nitrous Dodge Viper vs Ford GT 1200hp Mullet Supercharged Nitrous!

Here is one more proof that not always the car with the larger number of horsepower wins! Both cars in this video are truly exceptional, but there is only one winner! This video shows us two interviews with the two car owners. They explain what kind of a machine they are racing with, while we are looking at it. After the introduction is done, we are going straight to business i.e. at the track. The place where we can see if the data said in the interviews are correct or not. See for yourself if the drivers were up to the task. We won`t tell who the winner is, but we gave you a hint. Turn your speakers on and ENJOY the video!

Anyway, if you want to drive a Viper, you should learn how to use the shift stick!

Enjoy the video below!

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