11 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

A road trip should be event-free but there is no telling when a road mishap might happen. This is something that can affect everyone and when something goes wrong, you risk being stranded on the road. If you are not able to get help quickly, then the only thing that will help you overcome your situation is a few well-chosen items that you should always have in your car.

Things You Should Always Have in Your Car 2

Here is a brief look at 11 things you should always have in your car.

1. A can to hold some gasoline

It is always a good idea to have a gas can in your car. In case you run out of gas and there is no gas station close by, then you can use the gas in your gas can to help you reach the gas station.

Of course, you have to ensure that the gas can is not filled to the top as that increases the chance of an explosion. Be sure to use a can that is neither old nor worn out.

2. Bottle of water

Water is something you can do with when stranded by the side of the road.

Rather than have to deal with thirst, you can use the water in your water bottle to quench your thirst.

Also, this water can also be used for certain kinds of repairs and also to cool your car engine.

3. Traction mat

If your car gets stuck in the mud or in snow or ice, a traction mat is the handiest item to help you get your car out.

All you need to do is place the mat under the tire so that it gives the tires something to grip on.

Once the tire grips, you can get it to move out of the mud, snow or ice in which it has got stuck.

4. Tire jack and spare tire

Should your car break down, then you will find the spare tire to be very useful in helping you replace a punctured tire.

So, make sure you have a spare tire and tire jack as well as a tire iron handy as they will help you out whenever you have to deal with a puncture.

A sealer is another item to have around as it can help you fix leaks as well as help you reach a repair shop. You will also find a car tire repair kit tobe a very useful item to have with you.

5. Jumper cables

If your battery dies on you, then you will need jumper cables to help you jump-start your vehicle. Before using the jumper cables, you need to make sure you understand how your car engine works.

A battery booster is another item that you should keep as it will come in handy in an emergency situation.

6. Carry some cold hard cash in your wallet

Some of us rely too heavily on our credit cards. However, if you have to pay toll tax or if you are feeling hungry, then you will need cash to make your payments.

Sometimes, some event can occur that can only be managed with cash payments. So, always put a few bills in your car as these will prove to be very useful in an emergency.

7. Duct tape

In an emergency, your duct tape can prove to be a lifesaver. Duct tape gives you time to reach an auto repair shop as it can hold a part of your vehicle that has fallen off.

If your side mirror comes off or if the bumper comes off, then you can temporarily use the duct tape to hold them in place.

8. A reflective triangle

If your car has been hit, or if you have hit an object with your car, then you will require a reflective triangle to warn others you are in distress.

Just place this triangle behind your vehicle to signal others.

Another such reflective triangle can also be placed in front of your car and one on the side will help to warn approaching vehicles that you are in distress.

9.Energy bar

If you are stranded and help does not come immediately, you probably will start feeling hungry.

An energy bar can help to kill off those hunger pangs and it will also help you kill your hunger when on a long drive.

10. Magnetic flashlight

It`s no fun being stranded at night. Instead of relying on your mobile phone`s battery to shine a light, you would be better off using a magnetic flashlight.

This flashlight can be easily attached to your vehicle and in this way, it makes it easy for you to take care of your car problems.

Once attached to your car, you won`t have to worry that it will fall, and it also ensures you can work with both hands.

11. Pen and paper

Finally, even though you probably will have your cellphone with you, it helps to have pen and paper available as you can then leave a reminder note or write down some important information.