1000HP 1969 Charger 572 HEMI! BEST ENGINE SOUND EVER?

Next year, the company will mark one century of existing and we can allow ourselves to celebrate that important moment a little earlier. Dodge vehicles are one of the best American muscle brands, that will continue to motivate custom shops in fulfilling their ideas and creations. Charger, Challenger, Coronet… we still cannot set apart a particular model of this brand, as all of them have their own style and own beauty. Inspired by the features of it, today we have to pleasure to share with you one more Dodge, which modifications resulted with 1000HP and Charger 572 HEMI.

It is a 1969 Dodge Charger, a model that is one of the today`s favorites for customization. This 2-door coupe that you will see in the video will definitely impress you with the sounds of its engine and its excellent condition to be driven on the street.

This video is taken during a show of Dodges and if by coincidence, you were there, then let us know your opinion about this muscle car. Moreover, if you are also an owner of a Dodge vehicle, feel free to share a video of your beauty or you can leave your advices and tips of what can be modified on this retro car.

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