10 Steps To Avoid Hidden Charges When Renting a Car in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai is the most popular, convenient and safe way of getting around the city and surrounding areas. There are dozens of companies providing rental services but not all of them offer transparent and fair conditions. Follow these 7 steps to avoid hidden charges and make your experience of renting a car in the UAE enjoyable and affordable.

Start With Research

Ask your friends or business contacts in Dubai if they can recommend a trusted rental company. Another option is to rent a car from a well-known international brand. Look for client testimonies online or ask around on travel forums. A company that values its reputation is always transparent about the fees and conditions of the lease. It also lists answers to questions frequently asked by customers. Visit this site to see an example of a Dubai car rental company that has a transparent informational policy.

Avoid Extra Features

Most rental companies offer additional options like baby seats, moving equipment and other accessories. If you are traveling solo, you definitely won’t need them. The sales personnel might try to convince you to pay for these extra features. You can always refuse and try your luck with a different company.

Documents Scratches and Dents

Not all rental cars are offered in pristine condition. Use your phone to film all the visible damage that the car has before driving it off the lot. Pay close attention to scratches on windows, tire cracks and other kinds of damage on the lower part of the car. They are usually not covered by insurance.

Be Smart With Your Deposit

You will always have to pay a deposit before you can take a car for a ride. Customer-oriented companies allow renting cars for periods up to 3 days without an additional advance payment. If you are not planning to extend your stay, consider this option. Stay away from companies that insist on a large down payment and offer hard-to-understand contracts with a lot of fine print.

Pre-Paid Fuel Is Expensive

The regular arrangement is that you receive a car with a full tank and you have to return it with a full tank or pay the difference. Some rental companies insist that you prepay for fuel. They also charge much higher rates than gas stations. Avoid this option. A good rental company will provide you with the directions to the nearest most affordable gas stations in Dubai instead.

Consider All Available Options

If a manager insists that you rent a specific car and doesn’t offer your other options, it’s a red flag. Reputable car rental businesses list their full inventory on the web, including prices, technical characteristics and availability. See an example: https://paddockrentacar.com/sedan-coupe-hatchback/. Think about your budget before choosing a car.

Be Mindful of Toll Charges

The UAE has a Salik or toll gates system that operates automatically without the need for toll booths. Rental cars have Salik tags, and the toll charge is automatically deducted from your account as you pass through the gate. Learn the location of Salik gates in advance and ask for the Salik report after you return the car. Some gates have toll-free hours, and there are other legal conditions that allow free passage. Make sure to consult with the rental company manager to learn more about the Salik system.


Drive carefully, stay within the kilometre limit offered by the rental company, avoid accidents, return the vehicle in time, and you won’t have to pay extra. Follow our tips to avoid hidden charges when renting a car in Dubai, and enjoy your travel.