10 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Legal Office

Have you recently been in a car accident? With millions of car crashes happening every day in the United States, the odds are good that you’ve experienced one--and you may have been injured as a result. If so, you’re in need of a legal office that can help you get compensation. Hiring a lawyer may seem like a daunting process, but it’s necessary to make sure justice is served; there are several steps you can take to make sure you choose the right car accident lawyer. The attorneys at Piasta Newbern Walker understand that hiring a lawyer may seem like a daunting process, but it`s necessary to make sure justice is served. There are several steps you can take to make sure you choose the right car accident lawyer. Read on to learn ten helpful tips that will make it easy to choose the right personal injury law firm for your case.

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1. Proper Licenses

The first thing you need to determine about a personal injury lawyer is that they have the proper qualifications--there are certain educational qualifications and licenses these lawyers need to practice.

Make sure that the lawyer you hire has the right qualifications for your case.

2. Experience

Education is important, but so is experience. The right lawyer is one that has an extensive history practicing tort law; this ensures that they know the best way to help you win your case.

3. Communication and Accessibility

Obviously, you need to find a personal injury law firm that can operate in your area. It’s about more than accessibility, though--you also need a lawyer that you can easily communicate with throughout the case.

Communication is key, so be sure you can reach your lawyer when you need them.

4. Reputation

A great personal injury attorney should have a sterling reputation. Check in with people before hiring a layer; look at reviews and talk to former clients you might know--this should give you a feel for how trustworthy they are.

5. What Do They Promise?

Speaking of trust, here’s a simple litmus test you can run: what does the lawyer promise you? If they guarantee a quick solution to a complicated case, that could be a red flag; a rushed case will likely mean low compensation for you.

6. Fees

Get a fair price for your case. Legal fees can stack up, yes, but an unscrupulous lawyer might stretch things out or overcharge; do some research to make sure you aren’t being cheated.

7. How Do They Get Cases?

See if the personal injury lawyer you’re interested in get a lot of cases by referral, because if so, that’s a good sign--it means former clients (and perhaps even judges and other lawyers) trust them to do a good job.

8. Community Engagement

Check if the law firm gives back to their community. If they do, that could indicate that they’re practicing law for the right reasons: they want to make things better, which lends them a level of trustworthiness.

9. Resources

It’s important to know that a legal office can handle your case. If you have a particularly complicated case, a small firm may not have the resources to help you effectively.

10. Trust Your Gut

As you can see, a lot of the legal process is based on trust: trust that the lawyer knows what they’re doing, that they understand the case, and that they aren’t taking advantage. If you don’t click with a lawyer, that’s a bad sign.

Hire the Right Legal Office

There’s a lot to consider when hiring a legal office. Most people don’t consider what goes into hiring a personal injury lawyer, because they’re hoping they never need one. If you do, you’ll be glad you learned these tips!

While your own health is the most important thing, you’ll also need to take care of your car after an accident. Visit our blog for tips on tuning up your vehicle!