TOP 10 – Custom Made FORD FALCONs Ever! Don’t Miss These Rare & Unique Muscle Cars!

From the glorious XB models we turn our attention to one equally amazing Ford XC coupe! This amazing Australian muscle car clinched the grand title at the 2011 Meguiar`s MotorEx! It is painted in Orion Silver and the design looks magnificently minimalistic! This car proves that sometimes – less is more!

As far the specs go, it won`t fail to satisfy the urge for power! It has a Cleveland 351 engine which is stroked to 393 and delivering staggering 400-420 horsepower! The transmission is a 6-speed Tremec gearbox and the suspension is an F1-inspired canter-levered aero-tube! Another totally worthy addition in our list of Ford Falcon cars!

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