Safe Investments: Is Buying Used Car Parts a Good Idea?

Ownership of any vehicle means the need to occasionally pay for a few repairs. The cost of the repairs can often go much higher than the average vehicle owner would like to pay. Any method that allows people to save without any sacrifice in safety or quality is worth the effort. One option is to choose used parts instead of new, but are used car parts a good idea? There are some things that consumers should consider before they make any purchase.

Safe Investments Is Buying Used Car Parts a Good Idea 2

Compare the Prices

The price of new car parts has increased over the last few years, and many experts worry that the prices could continue to rise. However, that does not mean that used parts have not jumped in price as well. Always check the price of new parts versus used to make certain the previously owned parts are a good value.

Check Garage Policy

Car owners that plan to install the parts on their own will have more freedom to use the parts they want. Anyone taking the vehicle in for repairs should ask about the policy of the repair facility regarding used parts. Some repair facilities do not allow customers to supply their own material. Other companies use the parts, but charge an extra fee on anything brought in by the customer.

The garage may also refuse to offer a labor warranty on customer supplied parts. The lack of a warranty means that if the part fails, the labor to replace it is the responsibility of the car owner. Remember to consider the cost of any fee they plan to add to make certain the used part is still less.

Use Reputable Suppliers

Safely used parts come from reputable companies that offer this service regularly as their sole business or as an additional service at their repair or salvage facility. Avoid private sellers because it is much more common to have problems with the part or to receive the wrong items when doing business with non-professionals. Other concerns with private sellers abound as the part may have come from a stolen vehicle, the seller may fail to send the part, and much more.

Check on Warranty

Obviously used parts will not have the extended warranty of a new part, but the seller should offer the consumer some form of protection. Most companies, like Sir Car Part, offer warranties of a year or longer on their parts. The willingness to offer a warranty means the company has inspected the part for viability and not just removed it from a salvaged vehicle and thrown it on the shelf to sell.

Make Smart Purchases

Secondhand items save people a lot of money on costly repairs like transmission and engine replacements. Unfortunately, not every part is worth reusing. Brake parts, shocks, and struts have only a limited number of miles of reliable use. The same is true for belts, seals, and batteries. Often, it will cost much more to replace the used part a few months later than it would have cost to buy a new part from the start.

The average American household will spend about $400 per year on auto repairs for every vehicle they own. In a household with two or three vehicles, the cost of ownership becomes overwhelming. Used car parts can make it possible for people to cut their repair bills dramatically, but only if people take the time to find the right dealer and the right part.