ZEUS TWELVE SIGMA – A Car From Another Planet! Branching Out To Fine World Of The AUTOMOTIVE AWESOMENESS!

zeus twelve sigma

Gray Design AB, the Swedish design house car model Zeus Twelve was based on the Dartz JO-MOJO and the Dartz Nagel designs.  This  luxury company also produces motorbike and yacht concepts designs. These cars are exposed in the most glamorous showrooms around the globe.

Zeus Twelve Sigma 2

The whole Zeus Twelve Sigma body is built from carbon-fiber, also in the interior are used the best lightweight materials. The huge windscreen extends all the way from the front to the rear of the car and can be totally removed. Under hood there is 2-liter Caterham Duratec Straight 4 with 335hp at 7,500 rpm and its top speed is 290km/h(180mph). Do you think that’s enough for this kind of a supercar?

Zeus Twelve Sigma 2

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