Ever ridden a banana boat? Well, time for going on vacation has come! Have you figured out when and where you are going to recharge you batteries? Some people would just like to get away from the everyday activities and head towards quitter places like mountains or villages. It may sound unbelievable but there are people who just want to have peace and silence away from everything. On the other hand, the majority, is waiting an entire year for the temperatures to raise, to be able to go at the beach and forget about everything! This is when party-all-the-time mode is ON!

Beautiful beaches, parties all day long, cold drinks and of course some adrenaline pumping activities are the inevitable things in a gearhead`s summer agenda! Therefore, we decided to present you a video that we hope will give you an idea for your summer activities list! We are talking about a FLYING BANANA BOAT! We are positive that most of you have tried the regular one, and if you have, you will definitely take a ride on this one too! It looks like a relaxing floating device, but when the boat starts speeding, it turns into a giant kite!

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