You Want This Totally Insane Dancing Bedroom RC Truck? This Thing Is Not For Sale!

Sometimes the human desire and imagination to create something at the same time unique and original and totally cool that will blow your mind can result with some of the freakiest designs you will ever see. I`m not saying that this one is that, but taking to an account that it is not a real truck, but 1/20 scale model of Bagged Nissan RC mini truck, it is pretty close to it. Actually, most of you have probably seen many real Nissan Bagged mini trucks like this one, with a dancing bed. Yup, a dancing bedroom RC truck!

However, this great black mini model of Nissan truck is really great looking and awesome. If you ask me, the only thing that could be switched or improved, is the chrome grill at the front (as well as the bumper of course) in gold so that it would match the wheels. Not that there is nothing wrong with just as it is, but gold bumper and front grill could really change the overall appearance for the better.

Some of you will really go back in time watching this old mini truck dancing with its bed!

Enjoy the video below!

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