You like Watching Skyline Drift? This GTR R33 Will Make Your Day!

There is something about Nissan Skylines that makes them so appealing and special to every street racer, pro driver and Skyline drift master, an everyday car enthusiast that goes deep within the character of the vehicle and produces that original allure for all of the above mentioned.

It is fact well known that the sports cars that are coming out of the land of the rising sun are amongst the fastest, most attractive and very endurable – and during the last few decades, Nissan Skyline has proved its character as car from the very top of that list. There are many models and versions that can grow close to your heart that even by only listening the roar of its engine gives you adrenalin shot.

Thus, we often search for new information, stories and videos about any model of Nissan, simply because our interest about them is getting even stronger and the fascination never stops glowing. So in today`s article, we are posting a video of a Nissan R33 Skyline GTR on a Skyline drift challenge event making some excellent moves and playing `music` from its engine, a sound very well familiar to all of us. So watch the video and enjoy another episode of Nissan R33 Skyline GTR doing its thing.

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Enjoy the video below!

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