The Coolest Towing Truck Money Can Buy – Vulcan 812 Intruder II!

What we have here is a 3 year old promotional video about the (then) new model of Vulcan 812 Intruder II Tow Truck! This is one of the favorite choices of vehicles when it comes to auto loading, impounds, commercial tows and repossessions. The reason that we went after this truck after three years of its introduction is that it is still one of the best things around.

You Can Steal Any Car With This Vulcan 812 Intruder II - Coolest Tow Truck Money Can Buy 6

It has been three years and no one has even thought of getting closer to this amazing towing truck – the Vulcan 812 Intruder II! The way it grabs the car by the wheels, the smoothness and elegance that the truck provides is not seen every day!

The Vulcan 812 Intruder II is a product of conclusions that were drawn after a series of carefully made surveys amongst the customers, about what kind of a vehicle they think it would make their lives and jobs easier. So, it became obvious that some changes are needed and the folks at Miller Industries started to work on it.

There are a lot of new things and features that are coming with this tow truck, like the new, impact resistant composite modular body that is available in carbon steel or aluminum, completely new tailboard for better visibility and easier hook-ups, there are changes with the hose tracking system in order to provide longer hose life and better maintenance etc.

So take a look at the video, listen to the instructions carefully and do not forget to tell us what you think about the Vulcan Intruder II. The staling part, however, is a joke of course. The Vulcan 812 Intruder II is a towing truck and is here to help people in trouble, not to cause trouble!

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