Hello my dear fellow Gearheads, especially those of you who are crazy about the legendary Nissan Skyline GTR R34 exhaust. I firmly believe that all those who are in love with the legendary Godzilla, can never ever get enough of it, watching it revving, launching, drag racing, shooting flames, or doing something completely different, but yet, interesting and thrilling!

That is the reason why we keep on showing you video clips with it, every chance we get, every time we come across some intriguing and appealing specimen that gives us an adrenaline rush, just from looking at it.

The following video that we have prepared for you in this article, features one `Fast & Furious alike` Skyline GTR R34, filmed in a garage, while idling around and giving the spectators a loud and firing `music show`, which turns that closed space into a real battlefield simulator. When it comes to the sound, there is nothing like the R34 exhaust!

So, check out the video below, and get yourself into the groove of this great Nissan Skyline GTR`s flame shooting performance! And if you want to learn something about this legendary Japanese rocket-sled, go to this link.