And I will tell you right from the beginning that the title is not just a figure of speech! Working this job and being able to see so many real knockouts and out-of-this-world cars and bikes, somehow, these two jaw-dropping specimens completely managed to mesmerize me and make my thoughts spinning 1 000 mph! Even though this is something like a teaser video from the recent Villa D`Este Concours D`Elegance, at Lake Como, Italy, and BMW is yet to reveal the details about their new BMW Concept 101 as well as car model, BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage, the following video clearly shows us that this futuristic model is actually a tribute to one of the most iconic BMW 3.0 CSL models from the 70s.

It will be built only from premium materials, and according to the BMW Blog, this out-of-this-world monster will have significantly improved aerodynamics. And the bike is also nothing less impressive! Powered by a 101 cubic inch motor, this jaw-dropping BMW motorcycles called Concept 101 was shaped in Newbury Park, in California. Which is probably how the Harley look of the body, can be explained.

So check out the video below and see these stunning beauties yourself! And since there is still no data about the car, go to this link if you want to find out more about the BMW Concept 101 motorcycle.