Art Nissan Skyline GTR, with a ‘Special’ Flavor (Complete Gallery)

We are all use to watch differently tuned and modified GTRs, as its owner`s love and affections for this perfect sports car goes in a direction to make the car to appear as much as possible unique and original. And the one that we have prepared for you in this post has one of a kind exterior, as its owner`s wife got inspired to do something about the car`s outside appearance,  grab a sharp pen and completely doodle the cabin and gave the car a unique artistic flavor, transforming it into an art Nissan GTR like you have never seen before.

doodled GTR

It all started when this car enthusiast started to work on the tuning process of his Nissan Skyline GTR, when his talented artist wife came up with the idea of giving the car a unique exterior look, by transforming it from a simple sleek silver color (which her husband hated it) into one heel of good paintjob.

The owner of this awesome R33 is military man, and it all began when his wife suggested to him to let her do some scratches, starting with the bumper. After he saw the initial drawings that she made and liked it, they have decided to simultaneously work on the car – he will tune up the engine and she will draw on the cabin. After spending over one hundred working hours in the garage, the final result is more than impressive – one hell of art Nissan Skyline GTR R33 with original looks, product of team of work. Check out the gallery.

Hey, ever played doodle car?