UGR TT Lamborghini Gallardo vs Real Street Built Toyota Supra!

Here is one street battle for which I have a habit of describing it as a real treat and a holiday for the eyes of every Gearhead out there, who loves those hyper-monsters, with a mind-blowing look and a brutally powerful engine under the hood. Today`s video main stars are one UGR TT out-of-this-world Lamborghini Gallardo and another super-powerful Toyota Supra that are about to rock your world.

Even though extremely attractive and appealing, I must stress the fact that this type of street races are done by professionals with many years of experience, who are also taking great risks, so do not think about trying to do something like this yourself, not even in your wildest dreams. It is hard to resist it, but you must look at it as if you are watching some Hollywood blockbuster. Meaning, it is only made to enjoy it in front of your monitor. And that is the last thing I will say about it!

This gorgeous Toyota Supra is built by the Real Street Performance, and it has a whole set of features which are responsible for all that power. There is a Powerhouse Racing (PHR) S45 Turbo Manifold, Walbro pump setup, 6-speed transmission, 7675 Turbo -- PS Built Head…

On the other side of the lane, the UGR TT Gallardo (one of the very fastest in the whole world) is equipped with Twin 67mm Turbos, wide body modification, made in order to fit those huge tires, also there was a significant weight reduction, and many other things that make it almost a perfect racing car.

But the race is the main thing in this video clip, which turned out to be very, very close (as expected). So check it out and tell us what you think about it.

If you want to find out more about Real Street Performance, and many of their other builts, check out this link.