WOW! Check Out This Black Hand Crafted CAMARO 69!

Beware my dear fellow muscle car aficionados, here is something that will completely blow you away and make you look for your jaw all over the floor. Each and everyone of you who is In to mean and ominous looking muscle examples that look like they are ready to go to the end of the world and back, today we have prepared a video clip with one bad to the bone specimen, that is impossible not to like it. It is a highly customized model of Chevy Camaro 69, one hand crafted race monster, obviously made with a lot of devotion and precision.

Unfortunately we do not have the list of specs about the Camaro 69, so the only thing that we can tell you for sure is that is powered by an engine (probably a big block) that can generate over 500 HP. I know that when it comes to a monster like this, it is intriguing to know a little bit more about what is under the hood, but this time we will all have to settle with the video, in which we can feast our eyes with it.

So check it out and afterwards, sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below. And if you want to find more about the 1969 model of the Chevy Camaro, go to this link.