JAMES CARROLL’s Improved Version Of His DRIFT BUGGY!

When it comes to drifting, no matter what type of a vehicle is in question, we all know that we are not looking at a stock version, but a vehicle that is highly customized, improved and adapted to the personal needs and preferences of its owner. And that is only one part of the charm which drift cars and other vehicles are having, that makes every Gearhead look at it with a respect and thrill. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you today, in the following video clip that you are going to see in just a few moments. As the title is clearly saying, what we have here is James Carroll`s second drift buggy (I think that some of you will remember his first drift buggy, that we had shown you some time ago), new and improved version which I believe it will leave a great impression to all of you.

The man had spent more than 3 years of hard work on it and over €15 000 on various materials, fabricating almost each component with his own hands. So now this great buggy is powered by a GSX R1000 engine from a Suzuki motorcycle, it features flat shift, independent suspension, programmable ECU and Limited slip differential (LSD). And the result really looks impressive – one hell of a great drifting machine.

But you better take a look at the video yourself and see James` handmade product in action with your own eyes! And if you want to see another great drift buggy, with a ton of info about its specs, click here.