Bone Collector Mud Truck! Screams Try and Stop Me if You Can!

Oh my god! Now this is what you call a real monster truck! I have got to admit, I have not seen such a powerful monster truck for a while! And after you watch the video bellow, I think that you will also agree with me – this one seems like it can not be stopped by nothing and no one. This impressive and powerful demonstration is taking a place at the fifth Annual Mud Truck Madness & Music Fest, at the middle of April this year, at Negreet, in Louisiana. It is a place where monster truck fun and entertainment seems to be never ending and all those powerful vehicles are being put to all kinds of ultimate tests. Our hero of the video (got to say, with very `catchy` name), The Bone Collector Mud Truck, is giving the audience one hell of a show, jumping and overcoming every obstacle out there on the pitch. Freestyle jumps, wheelies, donuts…just about anything for a spectacular performance that gives you a hard adrenalin rush. The only thing left for the Bone Collector to show off his ultimate power is to see it tackling a bounty hole.

But until then, enjoy this great performance! Finally, check out these wild mud trucks!

Enjoy the video below!

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