Atlanterhavsveien – The King Of Dangerous Roads! Take A Look At This Drifting Rollercoaster!

We were proven many times how nature and architecture rich the Scandinavian countries can be! Not long ago, we saw the crazy bridge connecting Malmo and Copenhagen. Now, we are about to see Atlanterhavsveien, the scariest bridge of all! Driving here is like taking a ride in a horror based video game! However, it attracts a lot of tourist who won`t miss a chance to take a ride on the Atlanterhavsveien bridge!

Everything that you are about to see in the video that we have prepared for you, and read in this intro, is consisted in the title of this article – is it The best drifting–rollercoaster that you have ever seen or really the most dangerous route ever engineered? Whatever your answer to that question will be, I`m very much sure that you are going to really enjoy the following four minutes, with a footage taken at one of the most north-located highways in the world, The Atlanterhavsveien in Norway, also known as the Atlantic Ocean Road. The route that looks like it is located on another, deserted planet, is one of the strangest looking and totally freaky places that I have ever seen. It is 5.2 miles long and the video that you are about to see is shot from the driver`s perspective, so it really gives you the real feeling on how would it look like to do some drift-driving here, at this dangerous but at the same time, a road that will completely allure every daredevil to try and pull some stunt on it. It looks like a real muscle car rollercoaster, maybe partly because it was originally meant to be a railroad. However the case might be, watch the video and see and feel what I`m talking about.

At last, if you want to see some other scary bridges, follow this link!


15 thoughts on “Atlanterhavsveien – The King Of Dangerous Roads! Take A Look At This Drifting Rollercoaster!

  1. baytartar


  2. jhonrick hondo


  3. jimney cricket

    lol meant to be a railroad…

  4. Reidar

    Spectacular but not known to be very dangerous to drive….

  5. Joe

    Nahh, not very dangerous, maybe when it`s full storm, but otherwise it`s a normal road, with a spectacular wiev, just like many of the other roads in this region, and it`s not that far north either, it`s in the north west coast abut in the middle of Norway.
    And as i recall, it was never intended to be a railroad there

  6. bernt johansen

    i live close by and i dont think its dangerous at all, even in storm like in this video. and i dont think it was ever ment for a railroad. hehe very funny tho

  7. Joe Normann

    Nahh not much scary at all, maybe only at full storm, spectacular yes indeed, just like many of the other roads here in this region.
    And i do not recall that there was to be any Railroad, as the other Railroads in this region is very far away from this place

  8. As cool as that is it dosnt look that dangerous. I live in British Colombia, Canada though so driving on the sides of cliffs is a daily routine for me.

  9. *This is not my video*

    This is British Colombia’s most dangerous road, found this nice video of a 87 z28 driving it. Speed limit on the road is 60 kmh but lots of people do 80 :p this video is sped up

  10. this one is for sure for debbie k

  11. Ciberiatrix

    Sorry, I fell asleep watching this…

  12. stefan

    this is not the most dangerous road in the world death road is 1000 times more dangerous

  13. Engr ijaz tariq

    Allah blows the wind for three reasons. 1 to make the lives of sea life (fish etc) a beautiful one.Just think of fish life in a stagnant water 2.The air brushes the water and all air pollutants are retained by water making the air fresh and clean for the humans and other living creatures.3 Naval boats and ships move because of the air blowing on the sea surface.

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for the detailed info Engr 🙂 Have a great day!

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