MUD TRUCKS GONE WILD In This Video Full Of Action!

This part of Gearheads` lives is not that present in our everyday lives, but all of us have gone for a day or two camping and muddin`! OK not camping, just muddin`! It`s really amazing to see how far one`s engine can go, and knowing how loyal your truck is to you in given situations! However, these mud trucks gone wild!

For example, the video below the text shows us a great Chevy SILVERADO with great specifications as it gets stuck in a mud pond not giving up till the last moment! What happens next is the greater part!

This amazing truck is pretty solid underneath the hood! Equipped with a 505 Chevy Big Block Stroker and a greatly lifted cam! Moreover, the truck can brag with its` forged crank rods as well as pistons! It was not until the moment everyone thought it was over and there was nowhere out when the Chevy Silverado proved everyone wrong and managed to get out of the mud with its` last efforts!

See how long it takes for the Chevy to pass the mudding point and check out the tactic the driver used to do so! MUD TRUCKS GONE WILD!

At last, click here to watch the step-by-step video guide on how to pull your stuck vehicle out of the mud!