Stay In Bed and Drift! Check Out This Custom Trike Drift!

Everyone has had a day where they just don`t want to leave the bed. But it is impossible not to leave it if you have to go somewhere. Or is it? Someone obviously thought that it is possible, and came up with this. The bed drift trike! A custom trike drift, attached below the bed, so you can ride it while resting in the bed!

This video shows us a few people, riding down a hill on their drift trikes, and having a lot of fun! One of them is using the bed drift trike, and his friends even join him on the bed so they can ride together! And not only that, he even changes positions riding the bed drift trike, first laying on his stomach, and afterwards, laying on his back and using ropes attached to the drift trikes handles to control it.

It must be quite an exceptional feeling being in bed and riding down a hill at the same time! But as we can see in the video, it is also quite hard to control. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting that someone actually came up with an idea like this. Check out the custom trike drift video!

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