Who Knew Riding A SCOOTER Could Be EPIC?! This Guy Shows A Whole NEW Freestyle LEVEL!

Who Knew Riding A Scooter Could Be EPIC?! Check Out These Freestyle SCOOTER TRICKS! This Scooter Ninja takes riding a scooter to a completely new level! JUST WOW!

If you have enough skills and experience, you can make the ordinary things look extraordinary. Like this guy with a scooter here. We are used to see scooters on the streets doing what are they made for, to take us from point A to point B slightly faster than a bike. However, this video shows us that you can do different stunts with such vehicle. Yes we said stunts and you know that word is always followed by a warning. This guy is obviously a pro. Only he knows how many times he has fallen from a scooter in order to be able to perform these freestyle tricks.