One of the things from the everyday life in a contemporary society which no human being can escape, is being bombarded with all kinds of commercials, about literally everything one can think of. This means that for all the possible needs a man has, there is someone out there who had made a product that will satisfy them, and now, he/they is advertising it in the media! And as products of the modern society, cars are also no exceptions, when it comes to car commercials.

Okay, certain high-rollers` cars, like the Ferrari, or the Maserati, some models of Mercedes-Benz and others, cannot be seen in the media commercials as often as most of the `ordinary` cars. But still, there is no exception for anyone! Whether it is the latest model of the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, or the new Lamborghini Aventador, there is an ad for all of them!

Also, most of us know well that many of the stuff that we hear and see in those ads are actually a bunch of baloney (in some cases, 90+ percent). And when we are talking about the most important things for us, the Gearheads -- the cars – usually the electronic and the mechanical features of the car that we see in the ad are true. But many other things, like the way you`ll pay for it, what, where and how you are going to use it, and so on, they fall in the above mentioned category.

That is why I think that you`ll have plenty of fun watching the following video that shows us a scenario, what would car commercials sound like, if the dealers were honest with us!

So check it out and have fun! But if you want to see some great car commercials, go to this link.