What Happens When You Use Coca Cola Bottles Instead Of A Tire!

People have the tendency to do all sorts of experiments to keep their audience entertained and fulfill their wishes and ideas. Even though we have to admit that sometimes even we tend to be interested in some experiments that have no common sense hence we would like to know what will happen next, but what you are about to see in the following video makes absolutely no sense. Namely, this man wanted to see what is going to happen if he uses Coca Cola bottles instead of a tire on his wheel.

What Happens When You Use Coca Cola Bottles Instead Of A Tire 2

There are couples of short videos at the start in which we see that he has already done this test couple of times before using different bottles, but now, it was time for the Coca Cola ones. He took around twenty or so bottles and took out the wheels from his Mercedes. Then, he removed the tire of it and by using clear packaging tape he secured the Coca Cola bottles in place.

After placing the wheel back on the car, it was time for the first test. He began driving forwards, but it was obvious that he needed a bit more tape hence the structure fell apart. This time he used a lot more clear tape and once he began driving, surprisingly enough, the Coca Cola tire seemed to hold up just fine. He even drove his car backwards and yet again, there was no problem with it.

What do you think about this experiment?