I`m sure that the following muscle monster does not need any special introduction, as we have had numerous opportunities to see it in action, doing all kinds of insanely impressive stuff on the streets and strip. From setting jaw-dropping results, to performing crazy wheelie stunts, due to all that torque power under the hood! But a street triple wheelie of this kind?

I`m talking about the insanely powerful and awesome Street Outlaws` Chevy Murder Nova that is packing a real monster under the hood which is generating over 1 000 horse and torque power. And the challenger on the other side of this drag strip at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park, is the so called The Goat, driven by Richard Clark.

Without wanting to give away too much, I will still tell you that most of the times, we have witnessed how the insanely powerful Chevy Murder Nova is eating some worthy competitors in various street battles. But this time, this monster of a muscle car is ready to show what it is made of, right there, on the strip! And regardless of its famous winning history, I think that even its driver was not really ready for what was going to take place in this race. Not one, but triple wheelie on its way down to the finish line. Or maybe he was?!

Just check out the following video and see the whole thing yourself! Check out the street triple wheelie! And if you want to see more of this beast of a Detroit muscle, click here.