People got some weird ideas these days, one of them is installing a START BUTTON in your car! That`s why, our friends from Mighty Car Mods are going to show us how to install a start button, check it out! First of all you`ll going to need the basic materials such as a drill to make a hole, some pliers, a screwdriver, some tape, soldering kit, a multi meter and of course – a start button!

Before learning how to install a start button, you have to pick a spot where you want your button to be and make a hole. All you have to do later is to wire it! Behind the key barrel you will see a whole bunch of wires and what you need to do is to tap two of those wires using the control box from the start button! After you`re done with it, set your Multi meter to VOLTS, ground the black wire onto something metal and find out which wire from the barrel has 12 VOLTS when you turn the key! Next on, you have to bridge the starter circuit to a ground wire to activate it! So, are you ready to impress everyone with your cool START button?!

At last, follow this link if you want to see what kind of car start buttons are there on eBay.